~ All procedures include one touchup within 4-6 weeks ~
~ Full lip procedures include two touchups if needed ~
~ Consultations are complimentary ~
~ Discounts for multiple procedures are available ~

Permanent eyebrows are a highly sought after procedure because the eyebrows frame the face and proper eyebrow shape can take years off your appearance. This technique is great for women who have thinning brows, light-colored brows, brows that need reshaping, or no brows at all. Men who want well-groomed, masculine looking eyebrows are popular clients, as well.

Custom blended colors are placed in the brow area to correct an imperfect shape or to give brows a fuller appearance. Your permanent brows will have the appearance of natural hairs with the hair stroke technique and your natural facial features will be enhanced.

Eyelash Enhancement
Upper $250, Lower $250, Both $400
Eyelash enhancement is achieved by placing tiny dots of pigment between your existing eyelashes along your natural eyelash line. The result is very soft and subtle, making your eyelashes look fuller and thicker.
Classic Eyeliner
Upper $250, Lower $250, Both $400
Classic eyeliner is a continuous line of color along the lash line. Clients can choose a thin line for a soft, natural effect or a thick, bold line for a more dramatic effect.
Accent Eyeliner
Upper $350, Lower $350, Both $600
Sometimes called Designer Eyeliner, accent eyeliner is classic eyeliner with an accent color added at the outer corners of the eyes. Accent colors emphasize and brighten your eyes. Popular accent colors are shades of blue, green, and purple.
Lip Liner
Lip liner is applied on or near the vermillion border of the lips. It enhances and gives shape and definition to your lips for a more defined, sensual look .  Thin lips can be made to look fuller; full lips can be made to look smaller. Lips that have been subject to some type of traumatic injury may achieve a look of normality.
Full Lips
Lips that are well-defined, vibrant, and colorful can be a woman's most alluring feature. Full lip color is a lip liner with the entire lip area filled in with color. This can simulate the look of lipstick or simply accentuate your natural lip color. Lipstick can be worn over lips for a wide variety of different colors.
Scar Camouflage
prices vary*
Micropigmentation is performed to camouflage scarred or depigmented (hypopigmentation) areas of the skin such as burn scars, vitiligo, surgery scars, etc. Flesh-colored pigments are blended to closely match the natural skin tones.
Nipple/Areola Restoration
prices vary*
Micropigmentation is cosmetically effective to recreate the natural color of the areola area following breast reconstruction. The nipple is also re-created using a variety of pigmenting techniques. Areola and nipple colors are custom blended and look very natural.
Hair Simulation
prices vary*
Permanent makeup is an effective way to simulate natural hairs for clients who have receding hairlines, scars on their scalp, or who have had hair transplants and need to fill in small areas. By using a hairstroke technique and custom blended colors, balding spots can be perfectly camouflaged.
* The prices vary on these procedures depending on the size of the area and the difficulty involved.
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